Our Mission

Our mission is to bring great boats to wonderful people, being sensitive to the environment, and offering all the help I can to those who want to learn to paddle these wonderful boats in some of the best areas of the World. All the boats and associated gear will be curated, e.g. highly tested, and selected for effectiveness, speed, strength, durability, price and beauty. Where possible we will source locally. Always we will source righteously. We will not sell neoprene as to make it one spoils the world significantly. We WILL offer a second space, the Chart Room, as a place to hang out, use the internet, read about kayaking, both commercial and technical books will be on shelves, and if you want, to plan a tour using our gear, charts and knowledge whether you are going out with or without a guide. The culture surrounding kayaking and thus our Shop, is one of friendliness, care, help, warmth, environmental attention, hard work and hard play.  We aim to be that place in Maine.

Our boats: Nigel Dennis Kayaks, TideRace Kayaks, Rebel Kayaks. We believe these boats are among the best built anywhere today. Decades of boat design experience, sharpened by years of expeditioning on the sea, then combined with cutting edge technology, methods, and materials results in unparalleled performance. As guides and coaches, we know these boats perform in the conditions we paddle in, and stand up to years of rough water play and expeditioning. When properly chosen and fit, these modern hulls allow athletic beginners and intermediates to experience the sea while safely growing new skills in real waters. Whether your paddling finds you exploring hidden bays, testing your skills in the surf zone, or practicing Greenland rolling, we can help you select the right boat for your size, paddling style, and chosen conditions. Let us arrange a demo for you at Maine Island Kayak Co on Peaks Island.


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