NDK Kayaks

Maine Island Kayak Co. on Peaks Island work with Nanuq Kayaking to supply and demo Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

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Nigel Dennis Kayaks’ design and construction make them go-to boats for paddlers in challenging seas. Hull and deck design offer high primary stability combined with excellent maneuverability. Keyhole cockpits provide a maximum area of contact with the safety of a long open central portion of the cockpit; you have control via superior contact with the boat and the safety of not being trapped in the boat.

The two most important attributes of a sea kayak are its seaworthiness in rough water and its bulkhead integrity. NDKs are built with composite bulkheads that are glassed in place. The middle bulkhead is installed on a slope directly behind the rear cockpit edge. Along with the raised cockpit rim, this allows for a complete emptying of the cockpit whenever the bow is raised, during on-water rescues or washing out when ashore.

NDK builds highly customized sea kayaks for paddlers. Special layups, colors, and graphics are just a few custom options from a range of performance features.



The award-winning Romany is a responsive, playful, all-around performance boat. It provides confidence-inspiring stability, tracks well for its length, and is easily handled in wind with a minimum of weather cocking. The Romany’s excellent maneuverability allows for good control in bumpy water or when playing in surf and rock gardens. Its high volume bow reduces plunging into waves. Originally designed as Nigel Dennis’s school boat, the Romany brought the keyhole cockpit, three hatch “shaped ski” design into the general market. Its broad function, high secondary stability, and ease of rolling have kept it as a standard among sea kayaks since its introduction in 1993.

The Romany Series includes: Romany Classic 16’ x 21.5”, paddlers 120-200 lbs; Romany Surf, 16’2” x 22”, paddlers 150-220 lbs; Romany Surf RM (Rotomolded Plastic) 16’1” x 22”, paddlers 150-220 lbs; Romany Excel 16’4” x 23.5”, paddlers 200-250+ lbs; and Romany LV (Low Volume) 16’ x 21.5”, paddlers 80-140 lbs.


One of the long boat standards, the Explorer set a baseline for an all-day-comfortable, expedition style boat. With its rugged NDK build quality and large hatch capacity, it has been used on major month long expeditions, including several in the Arctic and Antarctica carrying all supplies with no support. Designed for real world rough water and covering distances, the Explorer is faster than the Romany and somewhat less maneuverable, yet directionally stable with more glide per stroke.The Explorer has a longer bow than the Romany, yet paddles similarly; it maintains the same high secondary stability and great down wave surfing.

The Explorer series includes: Explorer 17’6” x 21.5”, paddlers 150-220 lbs; Explorer HV (High Volume) 21’6” x 21.5”, paddlers 170-240 lbs; Explorer LV (Low Volume) 17’6” x 21.5”, paddlers 100-160 lbs.


The Pilgrim is a responsive, fast, and efficient kayak designed for the small or slim paddler. Its narrow hull offers quick acceleration while requiring far less effort to place and hold up on edge. It is easily turned and controlled, even in strong winds, and rolls exceptionally well, like all NDK Greenland style kayaks. The Pilgrim fits the small kayaker due to its lighter paddler design and narrow beam, and is also comfortable for the taller, slim kayaker due to the knee bumps on either side of the cockpit. The higher knee position increases leverage and power.

The Pilgrim Expedition is the Pilgrim’s longer cousin. It is a slim, fast, and efficient kayak with increased carrying capacity for camping expeditions. Most paddlers will prefer the long cockpit option, which adds 4”.

Pilgrim 16’’ x 19.75”, paddlers 90-140 lbs; Pilgrim Expedition 17’ x 19.75”, paddlers 110-170 lbs.


Part of the Pilgrim series, the Latitude is a narrow expedition kayak designed for the mid-sized or tall thin paddler.

The Latitude grew out of fact that so many mid-sized paddlers enjoyed the quickness and light edge of the Pilgrim Expedition, but preferred a kayak without the additional width and volume of the Explorer. The Latitude is similar to the Pilgrim Expedition, with the stern being lengthened by 2” (50mm). This extra volume has been added immediately behind the cockpit to reduce the amount that the stern of the kayak squats when being paddled forwards. The Latitude’s extended knee bumps have been moved forward for the longer legged pilot.

Latitude:17’ 2” x 19.75”, paddlers 140-195 lbs.