Rebel Kayaks

Rebel Ilaga

Designed by Johan Wirsen

17’-10” Length, 19.75” Beam

The finest composite Greenlandic kayak available

Ocean cockpit. Beautiful clean lines, Stronger, stiffer,  lighter…

a fast, and easily rolled kayak, this is also a really enjoyable day paddler.

Available in three layups, four stock colors as well as custom.

Rebel Greenland T

Designed by Johan Wirsen

17’-10” Long x 21.25 Beam
Composite Greenlandic Kayak
Hardchined hull, Stronger, stiffer,  lighter…

keyhole cockpit with four hatches

a fast, easy to roll kayak, also a well behaved all round kayak for day paddles and tours

Available in three layups, four stock colors as well as custom.

If you are looking for a composite version of a greenlandic qajaq, there really is only one current choice. The Rebel Ilaga. These kayaks, designed by Johan Wirsen, built by Rebel Kayaks, imported by Turner Wilson and Cheri Perry, of Kayak Ways, are as close as you can come to a traditional greenland hull and fit in laminated composite materials. Nanuq Kayaks is very fortunate to be one of the first retail shops in North America to carry these fine kayaks. We will have an Ilaga in the shop on display at the opening on 11/4, and we will very shortly be receiving limited stock of the Ilaga in stock colors, black and white, and in two different layups, with keel strip. Please contact us for more information.

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