Demo the Boats

Demo the Boats in Realistic Conditions

Come demo our boats from Peaks Island. Maine Island Kayak Co maintains a full fleet of our kayak models. Paddle in real conditions, from the often calm, protected bay side waters off Kayak Beach to the tidal, wavy, open ocean waters nearby. You’ll have the opportunity to try a range of boats appropriate for your size and paddling style, and to feel the variations in fit and hull performance, and how they inspire your confidence on the water. MIKCo coaches will assist your demo experience and help you understand the characteristics of the different models.

Call us or stop by our shop here at Nanuq. We’ll arrange a demo appointment and give you a ticket for the ferry.

View the most up-to-date list of kayaks to demo


Guided Tours

Guided tours for single day to multiple days, tailored for beginner, intermediate, or advanced riders. We supply lunch and dinner (depending on the length of tour). We carry extra drinking water but you are expected to bring at least one bottle of water for each day on the water.


  • 2 Hour: $75 per person
  • Half Day: $100 per person, 4 hours total time including land preparation.
  • Full Day: $150 per person, 8 hours including land preparation, lunch, and breaks.
  • Multi-Day: Price negotiated depending on days, location and number of people.


Equipment rental, if needed, will cost extra.


$50 per hour class (3 to 6 people)

$100 per hour Private Lesson


Greenland paddle; all forms of strokes
Intermediate to advance open water paddling (ocean)
Greenland Rolling; Traditional styles of rolling a low volume kayak with a Greenland style paddle


Yours or mine (assuming you fit; Greenland kayaks are tight)


Equipment rental, if needed, will cost extra.